Betting Agencies, New Age Social Media Marketing?

Online betting agencies are now marketing in new and inventive ways to draw people towards their products. There are many people that seemingly have never placed a bet on a sporting competition before but fall in to the large net that is these agencies targeted audiences. These betting agencies are using humour and the emotion people feel around sport to get thousands of people to follow their Facebook accounts. Following the AFL Round 8 Richmond win over Sydney, betting agency Sportsbet posted the following: image

A simple text based posted by Sportsbet received nearly nine thousand likes, hundreds of comments and over 100 shares. Betting Agencies have begun to show that they are very adept at using humour to broadcast their posts to potential followers and have capatilised on social media marketing by using the same humour. Another post by Sportsbet, posted after the Gold Coast Suns loss shows that a smaller amount of integration on their post is still an amount that a large number of companies would pay large amounts of money to achieve: image

This post received nearly 2,500 likes, over 120 comments and over 70 shares. Sportsbet are just one of a number of betting agencies that are using humour to attract followers and people to their products. Recently they have even made a mockery of Jarryd Hayne’s defection from the NFL to the Fijian Rugby 7’s, this coupled with the shock that people have felt regarding the situation as also provided some quality interaction on that particular post. Ultimately it appears that their tactics are working, as their posts continue to garner large levels of interaction, and their following continues to grow.