Deadpool: Box Office and Social Media Hit

Deadpool was released on Bluray and DVD over the weekend, and with it came a limited edition snapchat filter available for all snappers. It including some of the iconic music from the movie playing in the background, and also some of the cartoon drawings that also popped up throughout the movie. There were fears from moviegoers that the movie would be a flop and that all the funny parts had been shown in the trailer leaving cinema goers a hollowed out boring shell of a movie. This was far from the case however as many people went to view the movie on multiple occasions, greatly enjoying the humour, story and action throughout the movie. But where did their social media get it right? For one thing they didn’t just post trailer after trailer, they produced mini videos to coincide with holidays around the world. Valentine’s Day, Australia Day were just two examples of important calendar dates that had their own specific Deadpool video filmed. To commemorate the release of the movie on Bluray and DVD not only was there a special snapchat filter, but there was also additionally funny videos filmed for the release. The Facebook page for Deadpool the movie has in excess of 6 million followers, which is phenomenal for a movie. Videos attracted millions of views and tens of thousands of comments, only adding to the reach of social media for this movie, already fans are calling for Deadpool 2 and more funny online content.


Google Ad Words: Effective Marketing Tool

Google Ad Words, people may not realise that nine times out of every ten they type a word or combination of words into the Google search engine that they are actually purchased Ad Words used by corporations to get their brand or their product as the first search item that comes up. Google Ad words are very effective marketing tools that have spill over benefits into social media platforms. As people search for specific items, and click on particular links some of their internet actions can then be tracked and targeted ads broadcast to their profiles and other searches on the Internet. THe biggest one however is how this can then be used to target users on their social media profiles. WIth specific posts and ads targeted at users who have searched for content regarding that brand people often feel drawn back to the content and make a purchase if they haven’t already done so or make it multiple purchases. Google Ad words are a very effective way for organisations to get their product or brand out to consumers, but then to also track and then re-target on users social media platforms.

Instagram: New Look, New Algorithim, New Worries

Instagram has debuted its new look, and the overwhelming response to the new look is negative. Users don’t like it because it feels to bland and generic and want the choice to switch back to the previous iteration. Not only has the new look caused outrage but the much maligned ‘Algorithim’ based newsfeed, has only made the issue worse. The Algorithim changes users feeds from being chronologically based, to being based of what Instagram determines users interact with and like the most. However many people have argued just because they haven’t liked or interacted with a post doesn’t mean that they don’t want to see the post. Instagram has followed the generic trend of updating platforms and then forcing changes onto their users even when users desire a choice of the platform in its original state or its new state. This is normally done so that users can begin to adjust to the likelihood of continual updates and changes as the platform ever strives to make it more ‘user-friendly’ while not actually listening to their users.

Old vs. New

So what does the new look and Algorithim have to do with social media marketing? The new look has little impact for businesses, it’s not something that they control and if they feel it draws more attention to their posts they’re okay with it. The new Algorithim however has huge implications for businesses using Instagram as a platform for their social media marketing, especially if they are still trying to grow their follower base. What the new Algorithim has made businesses pay to boost their posts, similar to that of Facebook, to gain a similar viewership that they used to achieve. Previously however posting was free and they were guaranteed a large follower base viewing the posts due to the chronological order of the posts. Gaining new followers has also become harder with the Algorithim as it moves business based posts further down the order in the search menu. The new look and new Algorithim have created uproar amongst users, businesses however are feeling the pinch more then anyone as posts are no longer getting the same viewership unless they pay for it and new follower rates have decreased. What do you think about the new look Instagram?