Google Ad Words: Effective Marketing Tool

Google Ad Words, people may not realise that nine times out of every ten they type a word or combination of words into the Google search engine that they are actually purchased Ad Words used by corporations to get their brand or their product as the first search item that comes up. Google Ad words are very effective marketing tools that have spill over benefits into social media platforms. As people search for specific items, and click on particular links some of their internet actions can then be tracked and targeted ads broadcast to their profiles and other searches on the Internet. THe biggest one however is how this can then be used to target users on their social media profiles. WIth specific posts and ads targeted at users who have searched for content regarding that brand people often feel drawn back to the content and make a purchase if they haven’t already done so or make it multiple purchases. Google Ad words are a very effective way for organisations to get their product or brand out to consumers, but then to also track and then re-target on users social media platforms.