Powdered Milk Coles?

Earlier this week someone in the Social Media Marketing team at supermarket Coles made an error that is having serious ramifications for their brand and for their products. Below is a screenshot of what occurred:image

The above post has lead to an outpouring of anger from consumers over what the milk actually is. With many customers claiming that if it is indeed powdered milk then they need to remove fresh from the branding of the milk. Coles was quick to retract the statement made by the individual on the Coles social media team. Claiming that there had indeed been a typo and a ‘not’ had been missing from the sentence.milk_art3

However the damage had already been done when the comment was posted with many people saying that they would never buy homebred Coles products again with some even going so far as to suggest they would never shop at Coles at all. This is just one example of how social media marketing can go very very wrong for large companies.