Batman vs Superman

Batman v Superman, was one of the most anticipated superhero movies in recent memory. For many people it was finally a chance to see how DC’s venture into movies was going to stack up against that of the Marvel Movies. It was the chance to see their favourite hero’s begin banding together, and a chance for the Justice League franchise to begin. The final verdict has been lukewarm to the movie, with people feeling there was too much crammed into too short an amount of time. It was the social media marketing that began before the movie was released that increased the excitement directed towards this movie. The #BatmanvSuperman was trending worldwide multiple times and fans were all on board voicing their support for the favourite hero not unlike that of the Avengers: Civil War hashtags. Many posts used by the movie were clearly boosted to hit their target audiences and gain more momentum and awareness towards the movie. Overall the Social media campaign used was very successful, it made people interested and made them question how would it be possible for a mortal human to defeat an indestructible humanoid from another planet.The final result of that question was unexpected, but the ending of the movie led to a cliffhanger that many fans feel will have an inevitable reveal.