Civil War – Team Cap or Team Ironman

One of the most anticipated Marvel movies in recent times was released in America on the 6th of May after being in theatres in Australia for a week already.The movie has already taken the box office by store and is expected to continue to do so for some time yet. However it was the social media marketing campaign that proceeded the movie that has helped to build the suspense and anticipation of the movie. The hashtags #TeamCap and #TeamIronman have been used extensively by advertisements for the movie and have then grown organically by people who have been excited to see the movie. This coupled with the gradual release of teasers of new additions to the marvel universe, Spiderman and Black Panther has contributed to an almost fever pitch level of excitement towards this movie. These teasers have predominantly been released on social media platforms targeting audiences that are likely to be excited by this movie. It has proven to be a successful campaign on social media, because even though there was an excitement level towards this movie it has on grown and people are continuing to declare on social media what team they are on. So which are you? #TeamIronman or #TeamCap? I know who I am!


Jon Snow, Alive or Dead?

Game of Thrones has now aired its third episode of season 6. Fans of the show spent 10 months unsure as to whether or not a fan favourite character was truly dead, and the reaction to the cliffhanger season 5 finale was nothing short of spectacular. Fans instantly began to speculate as to the true nature of Jon Snow’s untimely demise. While it may have taken 10 months and another two episodes of Season 6, fans of the show finally have some answers that begun at the end of episode 2, and continued in episode 3. If you’re a fan of the show and haven’t caught up yet, be warned there are SPOILERS below.

Jon Snow after being murdered by treacherous Night Watchmen

Alas he has risen! While the big reveal of Jon Snow’s revival occurred at the end of episode 2 titled ‘Home’, Episode 3 Titled ‘Oathbreaker’ is the first opportunity fans have had to see how he reacts to the betrayal conducted by a large contingent of the Night Watchmen, which included 1st Ranger Ser Allister Thorne and Olly who Jon took under his wing as his personal squire. Game of Thrones has kept his revival a very tightly guarded secret and jumped on the social media circus to continually affirm his death. While fans may feel like that they were lied to it is easy for the the show to turn around and say that while it may not have been the whole truth, it wasn’t actually a lie with Jon Snow spending the the entire first episode and 99% of the second episode lying dead on a table.



#Maythefourthbewithyou #Revengeofthefifth

May the 4th. It seems like just any other day to most people. However to fans of one of the biggest franchises in the world it is a very special date. May the 4th is a play on words of the famous line from Star Wars “May the Force be with you”. It is a day that fans celebrate all things Star Wars and was never actually officially chosen by Lucasfilm as Star Wars holiday but was in fact chosen by fans because of the pun that the day became. It became so big that after the release of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, May the 5th became revenge of the fifth day. Star Wars fans are more inclined to celebrate everything on the light side of the force, things like the Jedi, the Republic and the Rebel Alliance on May the Fourth, and on May the Fifth or revenge of the Fifth fans are more likely to celebrate the dark side, which includes the Sith and the Empire. The Star Wars franchise capatilised on this momentum in many ways, one of these ways was by releasing all of the Original Trilogy movies and the Prequel Trilogy movies in May. The most recent Star Wars film, Episode 7 The Force Awakens was the first movie to not be released in May. Overall May the Fourth was a marketing strategy that originated organically, was created by fans, has incredible reach across the globe and continues celebrating Star Wars to this day.

One Video, Two Reactions

Earlier this year the NRMA which is NSW premier motoring organisation shared a video with the caption shown below:IMG_0041

The post by the NRMA was designed to get people talking and laughing, and the comments on the post were mostly seeing the funny side of the video:IMG_0042

However when the RAA, which is the equivalent of the NRMA only in South Australia posted the same video with the edited caption below, the result was overwhelmingly negative:



This just goes to show that businesses need to be careful when trying to amuse their audience. Posting or sharing videos can be a great way to get a reaction from followers, however some videos may show people getting hurt, in which case the caption of the video itself can lead to negative reactions from people viewing the post.


The purpose of this blog is to analyse the posts made by businesses across social media platforms, whether the posts are informative, marketing, or targeted at gaining a positive reaction from followers. To analyse posts made by businesses, their target market, the reach of the post and the frequency of their posts, among other things, will be analysed. How the public reacts to the posts is also taken into the account, and this can be determined by the comments, shares, and likes that are made on the posts.