Cadbury Oreo Chocolate

In the last month, Cadbury has released their new product Dairy Milk Oreo, with three variations, Straberry, Mint and Normal. The release of this product has been broadcast with a heavy hitting social media marketing campaign. With full versions and variations of their full TV commercial (TVC) being boosted to their Facebook audiences and to lookalike audiences. THis significant push of the product has been well received, because who doesn’t love the thought of chocolate mixed with Oreo! Overall the campaign has focused on the ‘friendship’ shared between a single square of chocolate and that of a single Oreo biscuit. The two go surfing together as well as lots of other friend activities, and combine to make something better. The positive nature of the ad has lead many people to purchase the product with an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the product. The reach of the posts has been quite extensive and the frequency at which it is hitting people’s news feed especially on Facebook has been reported as being quite high. Another interesting point to make of the marketing used by Cadbury is that it has created quite an organic flow on affect, and from the posts created by Cadbury has been shared to a large extent. This overall has created an overwhelmingly positive social media marketing campaign which has been quite effective in creating interest in the product.


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