Jon Snow, Alive or Dead?

Game of Thrones has now aired its third episode of season 6. Fans of the show spent 10 months unsure as to whether or not a fan favourite character was truly dead, and the reaction to the cliffhanger season 5 finale was nothing short of spectacular. Fans instantly began to speculate as to the true nature of Jon Snow’s untimely demise. While it may have taken 10 months and another two episodes of Season 6, fans of the show finally have some answers that begun at the end of episode 2, and continued in episode 3. If you’re a fan of the show and haven’t caught up yet, be warned there are SPOILERS below.

Jon Snow after being murdered by treacherous Night Watchmen

Alas he has risen! While the big reveal of Jon Snow’s revival occurred at the end of episode 2 titled ‘Home’, Episode 3 Titled ‘Oathbreaker’ is the first opportunity fans have had to see how he reacts to the betrayal conducted by a large contingent of the Night Watchmen, which included 1st Ranger Ser Allister Thorne and Olly who Jon took under his wing as his personal squire. Game of Thrones has kept his revival a very tightly guarded secret and jumped on the social media circus to continually affirm his death. While fans may feel like that they were lied to it is easy for the the show to turn around and say that while it may not have been the whole truth, it wasn’t actually a lie with Jon Snow spending the the entire first episode and 99% of the second episode lying dead on a table.




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