One Video, Two Reactions

Earlier this year the NRMA which is NSW premier motoring organisation shared a video with the caption shown below:IMG_0041

The post by the NRMA was designed to get people talking and laughing, and the comments on the post were mostly seeing the funny side of the video:IMG_0042

However when the RAA, which is the equivalent of the NRMA only in South Australia posted the same video with the edited caption below, the result was overwhelmingly negative:



This just goes to show that businesses need to be careful when trying to amuse their audience. Posting or sharing videos can be a great way to get a reaction from followers, however some videos may show people getting hurt, in which case the caption of the video itself can lead to negative reactions from people viewing the post.



The purpose of this blog is to analyse the posts made by businesses across social media platforms, whether the posts are informative, marketing, or targeted at gaining a positive reaction from followers. To analyse posts made by businesses, their target market, the reach of the post and the frequency of their posts, among other things, will be analysed. How the public reacts to the posts is also taken into the account, and this can be determined by the comments, shares, and likes that are made on the posts.